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Men's Rings & Signet Rings

SAR’s ring collection pays respect to the design elements explored throughout humanity’s evolution.  Each piece has taken a moment of self-expression, forged by craftsmen throughout the ages, and re-imagined it for this time.

The historical roots of the signet ring stretch back to 3,500 BCE – it was the chosen men’s ring, worn by officials and the wealthy to authenticate their status. From etched hieroglyphs hidden beneath carved onyx scarab beetles to the Latin phrases of the Romans, the rings held messages of power, religious fervour and devotion.

SAR’s rings and signets are genderless in style – created for every human being in their unique form to wear as an expression of their passions and strengths. Perhaps as a token of love, or a metamorphic period in your life. The piece is yours to endow with what is most meaningful to you so it may live on.

We work intuitively with ancient minerals born of the earth. Our artisanal processes have been refined throughout history. Many of the techniques we use hold close to those utilised in 3500 BCE. We use the finest sterling silver and gold vermeil and choose natural gemstones that are imbued with metaphysical meaning. SAR rings and signet rings are all handmade in our studio in Sydney, Australia.

Wear your chosen piece knowing that it has been created with purpose and care just for you.

‘The vestiges of time coat us in their residue, yet we course on.’

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