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How to measure your ring size at home

Measuring your own ring size isn’t always precise, but we have options to make it as accurate as possible.

When choosing a ring or signet size, the ideal fit is one where the piece doesn’t slide too easily over your knuckle. The knuckle should provide resistance, but the ring should be able to pull off without pain or irritation.  

Options to help you find your ring size

If you already have a ring at home that you wear on your chosen finger, measuring will be an easy process. We give you tips below about how your ring size can be measured.

A trip to your local jeweller is the best way to get an accurate size. 

You can either take your own ring or try on a piece there. Make sure they provide you with a European, Japanese, US or UK/Australian ring size. See our ring size chart at the end of this page.

A few things to bear in mind

·Your fingers change size depending on the heat/cold. Opt for a time when you are feeling warm to measure up.
·The size of your fingers differs, depending on the hand.  Measure the finger you want to wear the piece on.


·Ring sizes are unisex and we work with European, Japanese, US and UK/Australian ring size charts and sizes ·.

If you already have a piece that you wear on your chosen finger

 ·Using a ruler or measuring tape, carefully measure the inside diameter of your ring (inside edge to inside edge, as shown by the black line). Measure precisely in millimeters and check our sizing chart here to find your size.
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Alternatively, you can take a piece of string or twine and wrap it around your finger just below the knuckle. Make sure you can get the string over your knuckle, but it’s not too loose or tight. Carefully mark where the string meets, and measure in millimeters from the end to the mark. You can also try this method with a narrow measuring tape.


Is the ring for someone you love?


·Firstly, see if you can borrow a ring that you know fits your love on the chosen finger, and measure it without them realizing – when they are sleeping or in the shower gives you time.


·If this is impossible, see if a close friend can help you by measuring, or even taking your love on an unassuming trip to a jeweller.


Using our ring sizer


  • Place the end into the buckle, leaving the circle loose enough to slip over your finger.

  • Tighten it over your knuckle, making sure it’s not too tight.

  • Slide it down to your finger, and practice sliding it back over your knuckle. It should pull a little on the skin, but not cause discomfort.

  • Once you feel the size is right, read the number next to the arrow.  

  • It may be a half size, so read the result carefully.


Feel free to send us a picture if you are unsure to and we can help you.


When you order online, choose your size from the drop-down menu on the product page, or if you have a custom size, send us an email and we can apply it to your order.


We do offer a complimentary re-size with every order.  You will just need to pay a AU$30 or $20 USD postage fee, and we will adjust it to fit.



We look forward to crafting your ring for you.


To convert from EU to US  or to JAP sizes, please see below. To determine your ring size, DOWNLOAD THE SIZE GUIDE .
We want to help you save time on returns and exchanges, and you can help us lower our environmental impact.

Inside Diam.
Inside Circ.
 US &
UK &
French &
14.8646.684H 1/2-157
15.0447.25-I47 3/4--
15.2747.974 1/2I 1/2-15 1/48
15.4048.38J4915 1/2-
15.7049.325J 1/2-15 3/49
16.1050.585 1/2L51 3/416-
16.5151.876M52 3/416 1/212
16.9253.166 1/2N541713
17.3554.517O55 1/417 1/414
17.7555.767 1/2P56 1/217 3/415
18.1957.158Q57 3/41816
18.5358.218 1/2Q 3/4-18 1/217
18.8959.349R 3/4-1918
19.1060.00-S60 1/4--
19.2260.38-S 1/4---
19.3160.66-S 1/2---
19.4160.989 1/2S 3/4-19 1/219
19.5161.29-T61 1/2--
19.8462.3310T 1/2-2020
20.0262.89-U62 3/4-21
20.2063.4610 1/2U 1/2-20 1/422
20.6864.9711V 1/2-20 3/423
21.0866.2211 1/2W 3/4-2124
21.1866.54-X66 1/4--
21.4967.5112Y67 1/221 1/425
21.8968.7712 1/2Z68 3/421 3/426